Friday, August 29, 2008

Almost 2 Weeks!

I can't believe Noah will be 2 weeks old on Tuesday! Time is going by so fast already. We have learned so much in the past 2 weeks in the Hickok household including the dogs. I have compiled a list for you.

1. Newborns don't sleep through the night.

2. Licking the baby is unacceptable! (Finn has a hard time with this one.)

3. Sleeping is overrated.

4. Burping out loud is appropriate wherever you are.(That only pertains to Noah.)

5. Formula is really expensive.

6. Take cover when Noah is completely exposed. You never know what will come flying out. We have been learning the hard way.

7. If people are willing to help, accept their offers. (Thank you so much family and friends. You have made the transition to parenthood much easier with all of your help.)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Move Over Brangelina Twins!

I can finally write that Baby Hickok has arrived and it feels so good! Baby Hickok's name is Noah Johnathan Hickok and he arrived on Tuesday, August 19th at 7:45pm. After a long day at the hospital the doctor made the decision to do a c-section. Noah did not want to come out. So at 7:00 pm they wheeled me into the operating room and prepped me for the big arrival. I must say I was really scared but I couldn't have asked for better doctors. They were amazing and put my fears to rest. John was able to hold my hand through the whole process and assure me that everything was going to be fine. The anesthesiologist was great. He was like the commentator through the entire surgery. He let me know what the doctors were doing at all times. My mind was at ease when I heard Noah let out a scream for the first time. When they held him in front of my face it was the most amazing experience. Wow, what a miracle!

The doctors couldn't get over his size and John and I were pretty amazed too. Noah weighed in at 10lbs and 2 oz. He is kinda short like us measuring in at 19 1/2 inches long. The doctors and nurses are really surprised by the amount of hair he was born with. It is jet black and looks as though he already could use a haircut.

So far so good with his eating. That doesn't surprise me though because I fed him pretty good when he was in the womb. He eats every four hours and sleeps in between. I am hoping we continue with this pattern.

Toby and Finn are doing good. Finn was thrilled when we brought him home. I think he was more excited to see the baby than he was to see me.

I will be posting some pictures soon. Thank you for all of your prayers. This has been some week.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tuesday's the Day!

Today is my last day as a non-parent. Tuesday I will be heading to Bellevue for our scheduled induction. So what does this mean for Johnny and I? I have a nice list.

1. We will have a cute little baby to care for.

2. We will not get much sleep for about 18 years. (That's a really long time).

3. We will have lots of bottles to wash.

4. Johnny will have some diapers to change. (Notice I said Johnny).

5. I will have a shopping buddy when I go to the Gap.

6. We will have quite the posse when we go for a walk with two dogs and one stroller.

7. I probably won't be able to sleep in on Saturday mornings.

8. I will have an excuse to buy kid cereal.

9. Maybe I will finally be able to convince John to buy Nintendo Wii.

10. We will finally have the opportunity to be parents.

I have created another voting poll. How long will it take to convince Baby Hickok to make his entrance? In other words, how long will it take for the induction to work?

Please keep us in your prayers. We will keep you posted.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pinky Toe

It is currently 10:45 pm and the house is so quiet. The only noise being made are the clothes tumbling in the dryer and the crickets singing outside. I guess I won't have many more nights like this. I have kicked my feet up and poured myself a nice cold glass of water which will probably keep me up running to the bathroom all night.

I ate some spicy Indian food today in hopes that Baby Hickok will decide to use his one way ticket out. I have to say that I appreciate all of the advice and as soon as I am through writing this I will be pinching the cuticle on my pinky toe. We shall see what happens with that. Dad, I think I will skip the radios for now, but thanks for the advice.

Soon it will be Sunday and then Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday is induction day. Please keep us in your prayers.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Horses, Ropes and a Pole?

After going to the doctor's office yesterday and hearing the news that I really haven't progressed that much in the labor process I decided to do some research on my own. So this morning I woke with the intense desire to surf the Internet for home remedies that would induce labor. If you have a horse you can help me out. This is what I have found.

*The Native Americans would tie overdue moms to be to a rock and then form a circle around her and charge at her with horses yelling, "Attack!" I think that could possibly scare Baby Hickok out or scare the poop out of me.

*The Pilgrims would tie the moms to be to a pole and then shake the pole up and down hoping the baby would fall out. Any takers?

*Some say try doing what you did to get the baby in there in the first place. The prescription for that is 3 times within a 24 hour period. Who has time for that? The Olympics are on!

Last night I went to the grocery store and bought a turkey. Tonight John and I are going to have a little turkey feast. We will be dining on turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, apple sauce for me, and of course gravy. According to my good friend Amy eating turkey worked for her so hey why not give it a try? I like turkey.

I will let you know how it goes. If the turkey fails please arrive at my house on Saturday afternoon with your horses and ropes. It should be a good time.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Still Waiting!

I have just arrived home from the doctor's office and nothing much has changed since the last visit on Tuesday. Baby Hickok is still hanging out taking his time to make his appearance.

Today our little Hickok had to take his first test. It is called the bio physical profile. He was a little stubborn during the test. He did not want to move his limbs which is part of the test. After going to the bathroom and twisting and turning he finally threw a punch. Then we had to move on to the breathing exercises. I guess he didn't feel like practicing that. Overall he did pretty good with the test minus the breathing exercises.

When I saw the doctor she reminded me that I could possibly have a big baby. I say possibly because the ultrasound machine tends to be off usually by a pound. So currently the ultrasound machine is calculating that Baby Hickok is weighing in at 9 lbs and 4 oz. So he could really be 8 lbs or 10 lbs. I have always been a sucker for chubby thighs and cheeks.

What is next for the Hickok family? On Monday I have to go back to the doctor's office and Baby Hickok will have to have a stress test. Then on Tuesday I will be admitted to Bellevue Hospital to be induced. I am still hoping he decides to come out on his own. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Eviction Notice

I am ready and he's not! That is the status for today. I went to the doctor's this morning and have not really progressed since the last visit. My due date is August 13th but I am thinking he is going to arrive at a later date. On Thursday I will go to the doctor's again and have an ultrasound done to see how he is holding up in there. He probably will have an ice cream in one hand and a bag of potato chips in the other with little desire to come out. I am feeling good despite the heart burn every now and then. I am going to continue with my daily routines to pass the time away. Sooner or later he has to come out. He can either come out on his own or the doctors will give him an eviction notice. I am really hoping he chooses to come out on his own.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Check, Check, Check!

I think I am officially "ready" for Baby Hickok to come. I say that with some hesitation because I don't think you can ever be 100% ready for children. What I mean by being ready is my Baby Hickok checklist is complete.

Baby Hickok Checklist:
* His bottles are sterilized and ready in their own cabinet.
* His bassinet is clean and ready for many sleeping nights or should I say sleepless nights?
* His going home outfit has been washed and ironed. It is so cute! And yes I ironed it because I iron everything.
* All of his clothes are washed and in his dresser.
* His crib has been assembled and the bedding is on.
* Diapers are stacked and ready to be used- I think John signed up for diaper duty.
* His room is ready with all of his baby gadgets in their place (thanks Suki).

My checklist seems a little small for a big event. I hope I am not forgetting anything.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Five Great Reasons to be Pregnant in the Summer!

1. flip flops-I am not real good at bending over anymore.

2. central air- I love the fact that with the flick of a switch I can really create some freezing temperatures. Don't tell John though.

3. pool- Even though I look hysterically funny trying to get into the floating lounge chair that John bought, it is so worth it when it is hot.

4. Rainbow Delights-Hands down my favorite ice cream. There is nothing like hearing my husband or a friend say, "Wanna go to Rainbow Delights for ice cream?" Yes!

5. No school! Getting up whenever I want and waddling around the house in sweat shorts and a tank top is a beautiful thing (that is until the UPS guy rings the door bell and then I waddle really fast to the bedroom for clothing that won't scare him away).

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Snug as Bug!

I went to the doctor's on Monday for my weekly visit. Not much has changed from last week. Baby Hickok is snug as bug in a rug as we wait patiently for him to make his arrival. John thinks he is stubborn like me. I never knew I was stubborn but maybe.

I am exicted and nervous about his arrival. I guess it is the whole you don't know what to expect kinda thing. Labor is a scary thought and I just hope that I don't act like a complete fool in front of the doctor and nurses. John's used to it, but they aren't.

I am totally into the nesting phase now. I have been cleaning constantly making sure that everything is in its place before the big day. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about what I could clean without disturbing John.

If you are wondering whether John went to Virginia the answer to that is no. His trip got cancelled at the last minute. John was thrilled when he saw the poll on the blog. I think it made him feel like it was okay if he did need to go, certain that our son would wait another day to make his appearance. If little Hickok decided to come on Monday and John was in Virginia I know he would have done anything to get home to be there. He is an awesome husband and will be a great dad.

So what is next on the agenda in the Hickok home? We are just waiting! Waiting for our little one to make his arrival and all of the fun that comes with being parents. I have heard a million times since announcing this pregnancy how life changing this experience will be. I am certain it will be, but I am excited about our future.