Saturday, October 23, 2010

Six months Later...

Six months ago John, Noah and I welcomed this little guy into our family.

Eli Benjamin has been a huge blessing in our family. Everyone warned me that having two kids so close in age was going to be really difficult. And I will admit that some days it is. Between juggling the house, my job and my boys it can get really hectic, but honestly I wouldn't have it any other way.

Noah is learning that Eli is here to stay and is starting to enjoy his little brother. Eli loves to watch Noah and laugh at him when he does silly things. There are the occasional moments when Noah pulls Eli's hair, but there are times too when he is so sweet with him. The other day while I was packing the boys up to go to school I looked over at Eli's car seat and spotted his bear. Noah loves to bring his bear to school and he thought Eli would like to bring his bear too so he placed it in his car seat. I love little moments like that.

Eli has made lots of progress since joining us on April 21st.

Eli's Timeline:
-at six weeks he gave me a smile
-started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks
-at eight weeks smiling became a routine thing
-four months he rolled over
-at four months I introduced applesauce and he loved it
-at sixth months he is trying so hard to get up on his knees.
-he loves to laugh and he smiles all of the time
-so far he loves peas and bananas
-he weighs 19 pounds!

We are really enjoying our family of four.