Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lazy Blogger!

I guess the title says it all! I have been a lazy blogger. I think I can blame it on Facebook though. It is so much easier to update my status and include pictures of the kids. And I just assume that people enjoy Facebook more so than blogs.

This summer seems to be drifting by quickly. These days I find myself chasing after Noah, changing diapers and cleaning the house. Did I mention that I feel like the house never stays clean? I don't imagine it would when you live with two of the hairiest dogs on the planet. Besides the cleaning and laundry we have managed to squeeze in time for the pool. Noah is not a huge fan of the water. He is content playing in the dirt and using the water table. He loves to be outside. He is chatting quite a bit too. We still aren't exactly sure what he is saying but he does a lot of babbling. This summer he had tubes placed in his ears so we are hopeful that he will have less ear infections. He is getting really good at calling for the dogs. He says Toby's name very clearly. She really doesn't pay too much attention to him but Finnegan loves Noah. Most mornings I find them chasing one another through the house. Finn is so patient with Noah.

Eli is doing wonderful. He is a great baby. I was a little nervous at the thought of having two children under the age of two but I can honestly say that it's not so bad. We manage to run our errands and still enjoy the same outings that I did with just one child. There are things that make it easier, one being the awesome double stroller I have. It's a lifesaver!

Eli is on a great schedule which includes him sleeping through the night. He is doing a lot of smiling and cooing. We are hoping that he holds on to his blue eyes. He is just precious, see for yourself.