Sunday, August 8, 2010


Today the Hickoks felt a little like Hollywood superstars. We had our very first family photo shoot this morning. Move over Brad and Angie. Our family pics would totally give the Pitts a run for their money. We met our photographer, Dan Cooper, at Yaddo Gardens and he spent 2 hours treating us like Hollywood's finest. Eli was really the superstar today and we decided to tag along and jump in the pictures with him. He was such a sweet baby and looked absolutely adorable in his little outfit.

I know I am biased when I say this, but I think Eli is absolutely precious. He just melts my heart. Everyone warned me that because Noah was a great baby that I would never get another one like him. I simply have to disagree because Eli has been such a blessing in our household. He is a sweet baby.

The photo shoot was a lot of fun and felt completely natural and right. I could totally get addicted to it. And did I mention that our photographer was amazing? Dan is creative and he was super patient with Noah. The setting was perfect. Yaddo Gardens is beautiful! I can't wait to see the pictures even if they don't make the latest issue of People or Us Weekly. I can honestly say that the Hickoks are ready for the paparazzi to come knocking on our door. Roll out the red carpet.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Is It Really August?

It's August already! Where has the summer gone? I say that with complete astonishment as I do sadness. In just a few weeks I will be unlocking the door to my classroom and welcoming 23 students to fourth grade. It seems like yesterday was April 20th and I was pampering myself with a manicure and pedicure excited to meet Eli. That's when my summer vacation began.

Part of me is a little frustrated that I didn't conquer my list of "maternity leave do's." The basement isn't organized, there are a few cupboards that I didn't get to, and I have yet to lose those stubborn pounds that have become my unwanted frenemy. I guess there is a bright side to the unfinished list. I have enjoyed my time with Noah and Eli. We have attended play dates, lunch dates, shopped until we dropped and spent lots of time outdoors. Time does go by so fast though. And I am left to wonder if I will be able to be a successful mom as well as a teacher when September rolls in. Can I handle working all day and then come home and keep up with the house chores? I know it can be done, but I guess the bigger question is, do I want to do it? I am torn. Part of me looks forward to the daily interaction with adults and the highs of being with students; challenging them, laughing with them and setting goals with them. And part of me dreads the first morning when I have to hand Eli over to his daycare teacher. Noah looks forward to playing with children his own age and I really feel that the structure the daycare provides is wonderful for him.

So as we make our way into August I have a bundle of emotions that I am dealing with as I prepare to go back to work. I have enjoyed playing with my boys and spending time with John. Lunch dates, play dates and shopping sprees will have to be put on hold until next summer or at least until our first school vacation.