Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up!

It was one busy weekend in the Hickok household. Here is what we have been up to.

-Thanksgiving dinner was delicious. We were with both sets of grandparents and enjoyed a yummy meal together. Noah was a little cranky. Not sure if he was upset that we didn't somehow try to put the turkey and trimmings in his bottle.

-Friday was a day of top to bottom cleaning. Noah didn't get the memo. He had other plans which included me holding him for most of the afternoon. He also didn't get why I wanted him to take a nap. I finally enlisted the help of my mother begging her to come over and sit with Noah as I packed our bags (I didn't really need to beg).

-That's right I needed to pack our bags on Friday for an overnighter! On Saturday we were off to Rochester for the annual family Christmas party. It was great to see all my aunts, uncles, cousins and of course grandma and grandpa Bob. After that we (Johnny, me, Noah, my brother, sister-in-law and two nephews) spent the night in a hotel room. We had fun lounging in the hot tub and eating pizza until midnight. Noah was a real sport too because he managed to party with us until midnight. We are training him young.

-Traveled home on Sunday. Noah was great in the car. We didn't have to stop once. Love when we can get home without making a pit stop.

Did I mention I made a huge batch of corn chowder-yum, lemon squares (that no one ate), brownies (which mostly got eaten) and turkey pot pie which my husband loved (we still have leftovers, any takers)?

So it is back to work tomorrow. It was a good week. I will post some pictures soon.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Happiest Thanksgiving!

Every Thanksgiving the family gets together to share our blessings over the past year. John and I usually sit down at the computer to type our blessings away early Thanksgiving morning. God has always been so good to us. So you can probably guess what I (we) are most thankful for this year; that would be our new addition, Noah. It shouldn't be hard to sit down at the computer tomorrow and write about what a blessing it has been these past three months with Noah. There are so many simple things that I am thankful for like...

smiles-I love that toothless grin he gives me when he hears my voice.

giggles-Love it when he giggles as I am undressing him.

bath time splashing-He is so happy in the tub kicking away.

stares-I love the way he stares at us. His eyes follow us across the room.

sleeping-Nothing beats watching your little one fast asleep.

singing-He is probably the only one that doesn't mind when I sing to him. I think deep down inside he knows his mom could win American Idol.

When John and I had a miscarriage last year we were devastated and I thought I would never be able to get pregnant again. Not because of any complications but because I just thought I would never be able to have a baby. Thankfully God had other plans for us. He knew all along that He would be sending Noah our way. I must say He sent us quite a big package too. So this Thanksgiving I am so happy and thankful that Noah is here and healthy. What could be better than that? Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

One Week Down, How Many More to Go??

A lot of people have asked how Noah's first week at the daycare went and how my first week has been with my 21 fourth graders. I decided to break it down for those of you that may be wondering.

* Noah had a great first week. I drop him off and he is all smiles when I hand him over. When I pick him up he is usually sleeping. He doesn't sleep great there but at least he sleeps. He usually takes cat naps which I am okay with.

* He has a stuffy nose but I can't blame that on the daycare. He was coming down with something last week.

* When I get him home in the evening he usually has lots of stories to tell me like...
-All the chicks dig him. They are always commenting on how cute he looks.
-Everybody wants to hold him.
-They love his hair.
-They sing okay but not as good as his mother.
-They smile a lot.
-The day can get kinda loud because some of the other babies don't want to cooperate. I haven't figured out if he is stretching the truth on these things.

Overall, I think he is adjusting. Me on the other hand, well I am adjusting too but here are a few things that I am missing.

-Noah! I can't wait to see him at the end of the day.
-Lounging around in my sweat pants. I don't think my principal would go for it if I showed up at school with sweats on, a tank top and UGG boots.
-Reruns of 90210 and One Tree Hill.
-Staying in bed until 7:30 am.
-Playing with Finn and Toby.
-Shopping. Noah and I could hit three malls a day, easily.
-My mom. She enjoyed coming over for a visit or two.
-Lunch dates! Cafeteria food is alright but their burgers don't come close to Five Guys.

So we are looking forward to our future breaks together like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Martin Luther King Day, winter break, snow delays, spring break. I think you get the picture.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Big Day! Glad It's Over!!

Today was a big day in the Hickok household. Yes, that's right a big day for all us because today was the day that I finally dragged myself back to work. It was tough and last night when I cried to John I thought for sure it would be impossible to make it through the day without breaking out of school and snatching my little guy from daycare. But I made it through and I am happy to report so did he.

As John and I made our way into the daycare with a tupperware container filled with sheets, clothing, bibs and burp clothes it suddenly dawned on me that this is what it must feel like when you drop your kid off at college. Yes, I realize that it is slightly different but there are some similarities. I do realize that when I drop him off at college I won't be going back in the afternoon to pick him up. Let's hope not anyways.

I am happy to report that I held back my tears this morning. I didn't want to embarrass Noah in front of his new friends. You know how easily kids get embarrassed by their parents.

Upon entering his dorm room we made our way to his crib and made it as comfy as possible for him. Of course there is no crib like your own crib but it works for the time being. Thanks to my friend Suki we managed to get the right sheets for his crib and they fit perfectly.

Kissing him goodbye was tough but I knew that there were 21 fourth graders waiting for me ready to show some love and they couldn't have made my day any better. There is nothing like 21 smiling faces racing down the hallway to see you. Upon arriving at school I was greeted with "welcome backs" and happy faces. Co-workers a.k.a really good friends came bringing gifts such as chocolate chip cookies-yum, hot cocoa, a blueberry muffin, and banana cream pudding. I felt really spoiled today. Thankfully my new pants still fit at the end of the day after eating all of that.

Overall, I will give our day a thumbs up. No, it hasn't sunk in that I have to do this all over again tomorrow but I am sure it will when the alarm goes off at 5:30 am. But for now we are going to take it day by day.

Thank you everyone for making my day a little easier. A special thanks to John for getting me through this time and helping me get Noah ready for his big day. Do I get roses everyday or was that a special treat because it was my first day back to work? It was extremely difficult letting go of Noah today leaving him in the arms of someone other than me but picking him up gave me such relief even if it only lasts until tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Right Around the Corner!

I should be sleeping right now but I found myself folding Noah's laundry and catching up on old reruns of TV shows that I used to love. I like folding Noah's laundry because it's the perfect size and I can get it folded so quickly. Tonight's load was special because I finally found the perfect daycare blanket for Noah.

Yes, that's right I went out and bought him special sheets and a blanket for his crib at the daycare. You would think this would be a simple task but let me explain that I have been purchasing sheets and blankets for the past two weeks. Crazy, I know but I really want Noah to be comfortable while he is hanging out with the other daycare groupies. Today I went to two stores and returned the blankets and sheets I didn't want in exchange for the one that I think will be perfect. It is a striped green and white blanket with a cute little lamb on it. I think Noah will be okay with it. The sheets are of course white (nothing like crisp white sheets) and really soft and comfy.

As I packed up a few of his things for daycare it hit me that in a few days we will be going our separate ways. I say that with much drama and sappiness. I am really going to miss my little guy. We have really bonded these past three months and I have loved spending my days with him. I love our little routines and being able to care for him.

My biggest fear about Monday is that I am going to be a complete mess at the daycare. You know the whole crying because I don't want to leave him thing. Of course the rational side of me knows that everything will be fine. Noah is being well taken care of and my day is only as long as I make it. I could go over on lunch and as soon as the kids leave to go home. But it will be a change and as my husband has reminded me often, I do not do well with change. I guess we will have to wait and see. I will keep you posted.

Monday, November 10, 2008

First Haircut!

This is a video of Noah's first haircut. He did really well sitting on his dad's lap. He might as well get used to it because with all of that hair he will be visiting the barber a lot. I don't think his dad will let me drag him to the salon. However, Noah's cousin Kathy did a great job giving him his first haircut. Thanks!!

Future American Idol - Maybe??

In order to hear Noah singing you need to pause the music on the music box. All you have to do is click on the pause button. I am sure you can figure out where the pause button is. Enjoy!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cool Video

In order to hear this video, and you really need to hear it for the video to make sense, then you need to pause the music on your left. Just go to the music box on the left and click on the pause switch and enjoy this really neat video.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dear Noah

Snoring never sounded so sweet! John is resting on the couch as I am typing this and usually when he snores I shout to him to stop or give him a little shove; not today though. Today I am enjoying seeing his red truck parked in the driveway and loving the fact that he is snoring on the couch, and I don't even mind that it is "my" couch that he is on.

What brings me to say all of this? Well for the past 2 months or so John has been working so hard on the Sandy Treadwell campaign. He has spent hours working tirelessly to bring Sandy to victory. Unfortunately Sandy was not elected, but I really don't want to focus on that in this blog entry. What I really want to focus on is the hard work that John put into the campaign. Hopefully this blog will be around when Noah is old enough to read so he can read the letter below.

Dear Noah,

Today is Wednesday, November 5th 2008 -the day after election day. What makes this day so important? Well for the last two months your dad has been working so hard on the Sandy Treadwell campaign. You don't know Sandy and right now that isn't even important. What is important is the fact that you have an amazing dad who is an incredibly hard worker. He devoted so much of his time and effort to help another person. He spent many hours working well into the evening to try to get the job done. There were a lot of times that I missed him, but deep down I knew that this was something your dad wanted to do and more importantly made a commitment to do.

Commitment is important to your dad. Noah your dad is very committed to things that he believes in. You will learn that about him and it will probably be something that you respect and love most about him. Your dad will always work hard to give you a good life and he will always stay committed to his family and our needs.

I am really excited about the election being over because now your dad is going to be home more. That means he can spend a lot of time with you and me. We are going to commit ourselves to making sure that you grow up in a loving environment focusing on bringing you up in a home that is committed to loving God and His son Jesus.

Hopefully by the time you can read this you know how important our commitment to faith and family is. We are going to continue to teach you the importance of staying in it when you win and when you don't because when you have made a commitment to something, you follow through until the job is done.



Monday, November 3, 2008

Two Weeks!

Today I did something that I haven't done in months - woke up to an alarm clock. I have to admit that I didn't love it, but I might as well get used to it because in two weeks I will be back to work. Just the sound of that makes me nervous. No more lounging around in sweats and t-shirts. It is back to black dress pants and khakis and those dreaded pointy shoes that I have a love hate relationship with.

As I drove to work this morning (yes that's right I went to school today to sit in on parent teacher conferences)I thought about the last few months at home with Noah and I can't believe how quickly time flies. I guess that will be the nature of the game from now on. People are constantly reminding me how quickly children grow up and that before you know it they have lives of their own. I think I have some time, but I couldn't help think that almost three months ago I was in the hospital giving birth to him and now I am getting ready to go back to work.

When I was getting ready this morning I thought about how organized I am going to need to be to make it to work on time. I questioned whether I would really be able to handle all of this. Between getting myself ready and getting Noah ready and of course dealing with the dogs I am going to need to have a plan in place so I make it to work on time. I know it is possible, but it scares me a little to say the least.

Then there is the whole leaving Noah for the day guilt. I know he will be fine, but of course I question whether I am making the right choice. I guess this is the first of many difficult choices I will have to make as a parent.

So for the next two weeks Noah and I have decided to make the most of our time together. We are going to go shopping at our favorite stores because I need some new school clothes. Of course we will have to have a lunch date with someone, and we will have to hit Target and Walmart just because we like to hang out there when there isn't much to do around the house. Napping together is definitely on the list of things we need to do together and going for walks. I am sure the two weeks will fly, but before I know it Thanksgiving will be here and John and I have much to be thankful for.