Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well it's about time!

Well it's about time! I have used that phrase more than once and definitely heard it more than once in my lifetime. It certainly has been a long time since I posted a new entry. But I do have some really good excuses as to why I haven't been faithful.

-Noah is a toddler and into everything. Today was no exception. I spent the morning washing walls and trim, doing the whole "nesting" thing and he wanted to sit on my lap as I worked. If he wasn't on my lap then he was lifting my shirt to tickle me and pulling on my overly tight sweat pants; as if they weren't uncomfortable enough. Kinda hard to get anything done. When he wasn't on my lap he was in Finn's water bowl or trying to pry open the dishwasher. Hands full!! That's how I felt today.
-Let's not forget the obvious-I'm pregnant! And I feel like I am expanding every minute. I like to compare my stomach to a hot air balloon. I feel as though any minute I will lift off. I am tired and by the time I get home from school and get dinner on the table the last thing I feel like doing is anything that requires me to use brain cells. You can call it laziness, but I feel knocked out at the end of the day.
-Dogs!! Need I say more. They drain whatever life is left in me at the end of the day. I am a slave to picking up dog toys and vacuuming the endless amount of dog hair that they shed. Actually Johnny does most of the vacuuming but watching him makes me tired. You can find their hair everywhere!
-School.... I love teaching and finding new ideas for my students, but I must admit I am looking forward to some rest. I know, having a new baby is not exactly a vacation.
-Household chores... John has been a huge help around the house. He is superman with the laundry. I can't compete with his speed in that area and like I mentioned above, he is doing most of the vacuuming. But there is the weekly dreaded grocery shopping, cooking, dusting, and general upkeep of the house that needs to be done. And by at the end of each day I look at our house and think, it's still not clean enough. It probably won't be either until after our little guy comes.
-Bejeweled... Need I say more. I'm addicted. And even when I tell myself that I am not going to play I find my fingers sliding and tapping the mouse to play another game. It's a terrible addiction.

But in all seriousness, everything is going pretty well for this pregnancy. Little baby Hickok is growing and all of my blood work has come back great. I am experiencing some pelvic pain and back pain, but that's to be expected when your pregnant. On April 21st we will welcome the newest addition to our home. And I honestly can't believe that we are going from a family of three to a family of four. For the past 18 months we have showered Noah with lots of attention. Soon he will be sharing the attention with his brother. Ahh and I will finally have some energy or so I think.