Friday, March 12, 2010


As I was walking to my car this afternoon after leaving school I felt a little guilty for not updating this blog as regularly as I did when I was pregnant with Noah. However, I do have a reason. He is 31 pounds and an active ball of energy. Sometimes I look at Noah and think, where did you get all of that energy? And why on earth don't you just want to relax after being at daycare all day?

Upon entering the house today he stuck up his nose, took a big sniff and said, "mmmhhh". I had beef stew in the crock pot and I guess he was really looking forward to it. He is so hungry when he gets home and wants to eat immediately. If I am cooking and walk out of the kitchen, Noah stands in the kitchen and cries until I go back to the stove. I guess he likes me barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. Watch out ladies! He is going to be quite the husband someday.

Little Baby Hickok is doing well. He is busy kicking and practicing breathing. He has the hiccups all of the time. I am so thrilled that it is March which means we don't have much more time until we become a family of four. I am wondering how Noah is going to do with the adjustment. He loves to pat my stomach and say baby. But I am not so sure what he is going to think of the baby once he is here. Time will tell.