Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Break is Over!

It has been some break that I have been on. I haven't blogged in over a month. There has been a few blogging stories waiting to be birthed, however they just haven't quite made it out. Here's another update from the Hickoks.

Noah is rolling over! When Noah gets on a roll he will roll himself right into the kitchen. My only request is that he doesn't practice his rolling in the middle of the night. When he does that, he calls for his mommy to come and lay him flat on his back. I guess it's too dark in his room for him to do it himself. Men!!

Noah has been sick for about two weeks. He is much better but still has a runny nose and a cough.

I played in a basketball game for school. All I have to say is, wow, I am getting old.

John has been snowmobiling. I think those days are over for another year due to spring finally coming. Noah and I are glad to have Johnny back with us on Sundays.

We had visitors from the western part of our state. My Aunt Linda, Uncle Bill and grandparents came to town. We had so much fun visiting Lake George.

Finn is still working on finding a new home for himself. If he's not licking Noah from toes to ears he is stealing tissues from the garbage can.

Toby is her usual self, always obedient.

I have snapped a few photos that I will be posting soon.