Thursday, August 25, 2011


I have been struggling lately with a few things; well maybe more than a few but this "thing" that I am struggling with is so heavy on my heart that I think writing about it will help. I am thinking that maybe if I write it down and see it then it will help me get over it (probably not though). I often find myself getting caught up in comparing myself to others; ignoring the girl that God created me to be. Sounds insecure, doesn't it?
I love being a mom to my two boys. But at times, lately too much I am faced with the challenge of questioning whether I measure up to those super moms. You know, those moms that have it all together-their house is perfect, their children are obedient... ALL of the time. If you know one, run far away in the opposite direction. On the outside it seems as though they can juggle it all. I am no where near the super mom status. My house isn't perfect. My children aren't perfect and I certainly fall short when it comes to parenting them perfectly. So why do I even try to compare myself to them?

Did mention I hate comparisons? I hate feeling like I don't measure up or even worse that my children don't measure up. I try really hard not to compare my children to other children. They are who they are each uniquely different and for that I am eternally grateful.

In a week or so I will be back in the classroom trying to do it all and keep it all together perfectly. Well, as perfectly as it can be in an imperfect world. I am going to constantly remind myself that my definition of super mom is much different that what the world defines as super mom. And if I am not so super all of the time that's okay too. These guys are convinced that I am super and I love that they don't compare me to anyone.


Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

You ARE a super mom! Your love for your children and your positive, reflective, and unique perspective on life, faith, and family are inspiring!

John and Michelle said...

Thank you. That is so sweet Maghan. :)

Terry Family said...

Super Moms don't exist. The only perfect being is God.

Don't use someone else's measuring stick to size yourself up. You're only setting yourself up for dissapointment, as is evident from this post.

You are an amazing mother with two beautiful children and a loving husband. Perfection.